Been a while since I took a decent photo

That’s about 4 cm across.  At first glance, it seems to be Favolaschia sp.  But it was much more like an oyster from the top and not at all as jelly-like as you would normally expect from Favolaschia pustulosa.  The morphology will probably be quite varied, and the top of the Mamaku range is special in its own way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is species of its own.

What happened to terrorism?

Serious questions.

Howcome all the Islam-inspired terrorism in major European cities and against churches has all but gone?

Have they run our of useful fools?

What’s the next plan?

Without Islam-inspired terrorism, has Islam returned as the Religion of Peace?

This is what a Level 3 supermarket looks like

It was really relaxing to do the weekly shop after almost two months of madness.  I even saw hand sanitiser for sale for the first time. It seems clear to me that the population aren’t sticking to Level 3 lockdown rules. It is very hard to justify that people stay locked in their own homes when less than 10 people in the whole country are sick and isolating themselves.

Will be interesting to see the political fallout during September.  I suspect all that Bridges has to do is smile and wave.  He’s not figured that out before.  Maybe he has since.

And they call me the conspiracy theorist

I’ve had to stop talking about this because people have stopped listening and I don’t want to create stress where none is needed.  The problem is, the facts have always been there if you look beyond the fear- and hype-driven media coverage.  Shutting the world’s economy down was the wrong call.  The interesting thing will be how long it takes for anyone to admit it.  I suspect it’s going to take a few generations so that those responsible have expired from natural causes.  The same way that apologies for Vietnam came after the politicians were largely dead and apologies for Iraq will still take a while to come.

As humans, we take risks every day.  We get in cars.  We get on planes.  We go boating, skydiving, tramping, bungy-jumping, cycling, swimming… all of which have an inherently increased risk.  If you don’t do anything you are less likely to die of it.

The true shame is the invisible death rate.  People that could have lived with a medical intervention that could not see a doctor.  Or could not get scheduled for surgery, radiation treatment, etc.  Then are the suicides from all the failing income streams, unemployment, broken relationships due to the stresses caused by this.

In the real world, we have supposedly returned to Level 3. I can tell you from direct observation that at street-level, apart from the purse-clutchers, people have by and large restarted their lives.  Traffic is indistinguishable from pre-lockdown days.  And thank God that people are pushing this Level 3 as they are.  The only thing I am theoretically allowed to do that is extra over Level 4 is that I can drive to a nearby park and park there, and that I can buy contactless food.

Anyway.  It is what it is.