Cyber Jihad erases Christian and conservative voices from the Internet

Recently, David Wood, Sam Shamoun, and Al Fadi were all temporarily banned by Facebook. Is this a coincidence? Not at all. A Muslim group called “” has been reporting random posts by critics of Islam, flagging the posts as hate speech, nudity, harassment, etc. And it’s working. How can Christian apologists and critics of Islam survive on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Patreon, when groups of cyber jihadis are flagging their content? David Wood discusses the issue.

Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and Patreon have all yielded to organised campaigns to shut down conservative and Christian voices.

The common thread appears to be factual criticism of Islam.  Tommy Robinson has been silenced for trying to highlight the systemic rape of girls by Muslim men living in his area.

David Wood is a long-time critic of Islam, and the cyber-Jihadis are in the process of getting him removed as well.

As David says in the video, the long term result of this will be that the majority of popular platforms will only contain positive material on Islam.

What’s wrong with that?  Because in a free society, people should be allowed to access opposing viewpoints too.

The interesting thing is that we imagined the control of information to come from nation states.  Instead, it has manifested itself through large tech companies, multinational media outlets, and banks taking non-neutral positions on certain issues in politics, religion and controversial topics.

In response, the people who have been removed from popular publishing platforms are trying to regroup on unknown platforms.  They appear to think that this will work.  Looking into the future, I don’t see an end to this process.

leftists can only win by removing people’s ability to speak

Everything on the Internet eventually relies on some business service providing infrastructure, be it a company hosting the information, a company managing the emails, a company managing the domain name, and even a company providing the electricity and actual communications infrastructure.

Almost all of these will be susceptible to organised harassment, threats, and imagined public embarrassment.

The only hope is that these activists / Jihadis / leftists will overstep the mark and the process will turn in on itself.  Students of history will note that they generally don’t know when to stop.  They start with the easy kills, like David Wood, but they will eventually start coming for edge cases where even their overlords and media sympathisers will refuse to be associated with them.

That time can’t come fast enough.

Christians and conservatives thrive when there is a free flow of information. Our arguments succeed against alternative viewpoints.  This is why leftists can only win by removing people’s ability to speak.

Free speech in the West is in a dire state right now as seen through the Internet and major media channels.

But we can all make a difference in the real world how we act and communicate.  They have no power to control speech, thought, and actions by people who aren’t relying on mass communication.