Allie Beth Stuckey ‏on Christian persecution

We should not be surprised that so many today refused to use the term “Christian” in respect to Sri Lanka. This is the insanity of intersectionality at work. It refuses logic & views all situations through faulty definitions of “privilege.”

“Christian” is seen as privileged because it is linked to the West, to America’s founding, to conservatism & sadly to many uneducated social justicians, to white supremacism. These know nothing of actual Christianity.

Christianity (specifically the Prot Ref) did have MUCH to do with building the west & founding the US, and that’s a wonderful thing. That’s precisely why America, flaws & all, has been the incredible success it’s been. But white supremacy? Hmm…

I’d encourage anyone who sees Christianity as such to study who led the abolition of slavery. They weren’t just Christians-in-name-only; they were gospel-preaching followers of Jesus. Fast forward to the Holocaust & you will find the same in Bonhoeffer & Corrie Ten Boom.

Anyway— that doesn’t really matter, because those who insist upon using vague terms to describe the Sri Lanka attacks are view everything via an ahistorical, “social justice” lens that has nothing to do with reality. And this, Christians must get used to.

Christians will be pushed to the margins, demonized, etc. But we should take heart— the church thrives in the margins & always has. And nothing— no power here or elsewhere— can ever stop the power of the gospel.

— ABS via Twitter