Does Jesus have any tears left?

In a number of US states, it is now no longer a double homicide to kill a woman that’s about to give birth.  You kill the woman, and … something… that has no rights.

To “give” women in those states “control of their own body”, they are allowed to have babies of any age removed from them.

You do not want to know how this happens. Women who are pro-abortion who are made aware of the gruesome killing and dismemberment of the … something… are suddenly no longer sure women should have the right to kill a baby to be able to claim 100% dominion of her own body.

And if you want to know the dividing line:  a living, breathing, 100% sound, healthy baby is delivered. The umbilical cord is not yet severed.  The woman says “I don’t want it – “abort” this birth”.  The baby is then killed.

Neither the mother nor the medical staff involved can be charged with murder.

And it is still not enough to be able to do this… this… act.  Leglislators are now trying to pass new laws that will make abortion a basic Human Right.

That’s right, anyone is allowed to kill a baby, as long as the mother says it is OK.