Does your life have meaning?

People have been warned about having open minds.  After all, anything can enter an opened mind, they say.

It is much safer, and more comfortable, to close your mind to ideas that are not commonplace in your own family, circle of friends, community, political system, country, or even the world in general.

After three decades of looking for Answers with a capital A, I believe I have finally stumbled upon some that provide meaning to my life.  Some of them aren’t particularly popular, some are becoming less popular, and some will make other people place you into a category of an absolute nut-job.

I wish I would have found some of these distilled ideas back when I was younger

I started looking for answers in my early twenties. It has been quite a process.  And as I got older, some of the answers were less and less comfortable.  The kinds of answers you do not share unless you know the others in the room will still appreciate you as a decent human being.  A decent human being that is swimming upstream.

I wish I would have found some of these distilled ideas back when I was younger. Although I have enjoyed the journey until now, mostly, it would have been so much better to have had a head start.

These pages will be my contribution to the process of other people looking for answers.  This site has very few readers, so these pages will be served through what most people would call luck, or coincidence, to those who are looking for them.

Human beings are so lost.  Even those that have put up huge walls around themselves.  Walls of faith, walls of rejecting faith, walls of egotism, walls of nihilism, you name it, they are insurmountable as long as the person behind them remains comfortable behind them.

The process of walking outside of those walls is wrought with danger.  You will be mocked. Ostracised.  Ignored.  Attacked.  Not because you are wrong.  Not becaue you are right.  But because the people are too busy defending their own model of existence that they currently hold.

Little enlightenment comes from debate.  Debate is adversarial.  The common idea that debate delivers the best form is distilled truth is hopelessly wrong.

I’ve created a new tag for this blog:  Meaning.  Under this label I’ll write on topics, ideas, personal experiences and things I would like someone to think about in case it helps them in a way.  It may not help them in a way it helped me.

But I’m inspired by an external force to publish some of my thoughts, and I expect the reason is that one day, someone might find one of them and will extract something from that.