Irony: Indoctrinated whites apply reverse-racism when coloured people don’t even agree

The governor did blackface at college, decades ago.  Is your record without blemish from your late teens/twenties?

No.  Of course not.

WHITES support his resignation more than non-whites.

The mass hypnosis of whites is so complete that they’ll “support” what they THINK non-whites want them to do, even when it clearly doesn’t line up.

Our racism is SO COMPLETE that whites will even THINK FOR THEM and tell NON-WHITES what they should be upset about.


You have to admire the media and the left for their worldwide success in running a huge guilt-trip on the Western world.

It’s all about power folks.


Nothing else.

Trust me.  If it suited them to destroy coloured people, you couldn’t see the bus backing over them for the smoke and dust.