Is “mother” inherently linked to a biological female who birthed a child?

In case readers think I’m ignoring the secular decline of this planet now that I am focusing more on the bigger picture, strap in for this lot of mind-bending idiocy.

I mourn for the decline of our civilisation, but my goodness, isn’t it also highly entertaining to watch it all unfold?

We have been alive during such an awesome period of history.  Cars, planes, space flight, computers, the Internet and now an extremely rapid decline of Western society at its own hands!

Some weeks ago, this sort of thing used to make me feel really, really bad.  I worried for the world! (as if that makes a difference).

With the Peace that has come to me now, and the absolute certainty that this brief moment of life on this planet is immeasurably small when compared to what lies ahead, watching it all unfold is like watching a movie: I can observe it but I’m not part of it.