I’ve turned into the very thing I used to dislike


I used to pretty much not like “God botherers”.

The best kinds of Christians were the ones that would just quietly live their lives without bothering other people.  The only way you would find out they were Christians at all would be that they’d say they couldn’t make it on Sunday because they were going to church.

Those were really acceptable Christians.

All that makes more sense if you think Christians are nice people that are just slightly deluded by thinking they had some Sky Fairy that was looking after them.

And the real frustration came when they knocked on your door and wanted to find out if you had “found” Jesus yet.

It’s all about sales

But I get it now.  The world is full of people that don’t understand the reality and urgency behind Christianity.  And if you have people you deeply care about, and they think you’ve lost your mind like all the other Sky Fairy people, there is a huge chasm to close.

You have basically three general approaches where people will allow the idea of Jesus Christ into their lives.

First, they have a deep personal epiphany that can’t be explained without some kind of external “super” power being involved.

Second, you can go at them hard with a fear-based approach:  do you like the idea of missing out on Heaven for eternity?

And finally, you set an example where they eventually go:  “I don’t know what he’s on, but I want some of that”.

Trust God

In the end, everyone gets many opportunities to accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and have a personal relationship with God.  But like the parable of the seeds in the Bible, many seeds will continue to fall on unfertile or unsuitable earth.

For now.

It’s taken 55 years for me to finally get it through my thick skull that I’ve been having too much fun by deliberately ignoring the obvious.

It’s not cool to be Christian

It’s never been cool to be a Christian.  This doesn’t help in the Sales Department.  Most people you know will judge you for it and decide you have lost your mind.

That’s a lot of social disapproval you need to overcome.  And not just at work, or within your circle of friends, but also with your parents or your spouse.

There is no hurry.  God will wait for you

He’s put up with me going down just about every dead-end street looking for “god” for decades.  He’s going to wait for you too.  Even if you’re refusing to look for any kind of god.

God puts people and events across your path all the time.  Chipping away at you.  And one day, you will come across something.  Perhaps this blog post.  And there it may just start for you.  Or there it may just finally click.

Here is what I’ve found over 35 years of looking for TRUTH.

  • Look for a personal relationship with God, not religion
  • On that basis, all other belief systems other than Christianity fall away
  • There is no need to believe things. Historical and verified documents prove the most solid case for Christianity being real, Jesus Christ being real, and God being real.
  • Secular Jews and Atheists become Christians against their will because they can not deny the evidence

The sentence I read somewhere, that turned it all around was

Have you put as much time into looking for Truth in Christianity as you have looking into everything else?

I had to admit I had not.  I had dismissed the Bible, Jesus and all the other brainwashing, fairy tales as something not worth my time.  Already “debunked”. Why bother?

Boy, was I wrong.

But hey!  Enjoy your Crystals, the “Universal God”, Gaia, Tarot, Spirituality, … , and so on.  You’ll miss the bus to Heaven, but hopefully, you’ll figure that out in time.  There’s time right up to your deathbed.

…unless you get hit by the other bus tomorrow.