Just don’t: ex-man beats women legally because she’s a woman now

Let me paint you a picture: your daughter is playing a contact sport. Say, football or hockey. She’s gone from being your little girl to becoming a beautiful young woman. Opposite her on the field (or ice), is somebody who once was a man, until he decided that he didn’t feel like being one anymore.

This person can now legally, physically attack your daughter.

With her consent. Sort of.  Because she does have a choice to back out:  leave her chosen sport and face the ridicule of her peers and the media for a considerable amount of time.

Enter Fallon Fox, a male-to-female transgender person, who has now decided to make a living by beating up women. With a record of 5-1, none of Fallon’s female victims have even made it past two minutes of the first round. If you were to watch these fights, it would look very much like you would expect…a man knocking a woman unconscious. Last night, she broke a woman’s orbital bone in the very first round.

In the name of political correctness, leftists have come out championing the cause, as Fallon ragdolls female opponents into oblivion.

Fallon Fox has being using steroids for decades.

They’re called testicles.

If you’ve had them, grown up with them and used them… you don’t get to beat up women.

As a “new woman” you don’t get to tell genetic women you are better at any kind of sport as you had the benefits of having developed as a 100% genetic male before changing the drapes and the curtains.