Pick your future

On the left, the 10-year-old the media is celebrating as an icon of diversity and “real” love because he gets to be transgendered because even though he was born a boy, his own mother is supporting his(?) view that he’s actually a girl. And not just any kind of girl, but a girl that wants to dress like a transvestite.  At age 10.

On the right, a senior at a Catholic school who received death threats for doing nothing when being provoked. He smiled while wearing a Trump cap.  He received death threats, as did his family.  For wearing a MAGA cap and smiling.  This is because the media lied about what he was supposed to have done.

In one world we try and destroy respectful Christians and celebrate transgendered 10-year-olds, and in another world, we don’t.

I pick the world where we don’t.  Which means treating the media as hostile to your life. Because they are not promoting the kind of world I want to live in.