The Devil isn’t just aborting full term babies, it is also in the details

The US is debating eliminating legislation that protects abortion “providers” that “botch” an abortion causing the baby to be born alive anyway.

They are discussing criminalising if the provider can legally have a 2nd go, or let the baby die through neglect by withholding food and water sustenance and/or medical care.

The proposed amendment failed because Democrats want to continue the legal killing of babies that somehow miraculously were born alive in spite of attempts to kill him or her.  Staff can have a second go at it.   And it will remain legal.

Consideration of S.311 to amend title 18.  Nice way to avoid saying legalised murder of a fully born baby.

Who needs a despot when the whole state turns against something as fundamental as a right to life?

Today babies.

Tomorrow people who refuse “re-education”?

Too far?  Maybe.  But 20 years ago, the idea we would be taking live babies from women and then allow legal murder would have been considered Too far as well.

Who cares about the lives of tens of thousands of babies if it means the Democrats can deny Trump a win?

I do.

And I suspect a majority of American voters do too.