The evolution of a social media/blog reader

I had a reason to look back recently and noticed the same people are still stuck in the perpetual motion machine that is the comment section on [insert online place of your own choice here].  Few look back and realise they have spent years getting absolutely nowhere.

At first, achievement was measured by the elimination of dissenters.  Once that job was done, they turned on themselves.

Granted, some of it is pleasurable self-stimulation and a little game-play is equally rewarding for its own internal yet ephemeral rewards.

But those who are trying to save the world and haven’t realised that after a decade all they have is a small posse of admirers who are equally non-influential egging them on are going to be stuck forever.

The true evolution of an online commenter is one that manages to escape the echo chamber.

The comment sections do not generate meaningful change. And most places, if you are lucky enough to get change happening, will ban you for the privilege because each place has its own invisible set of rules to ensure the general outlook of the echo chamber remains the same.