Just touching base

Hey there good people on them Interwebs.  Long time to see.

Things have changed a  lot since we spoke last.  My focus and interests have shifted significantly.

I no longer follow any media.  Be that main-stream, Indie, or blogs.  In fact, if it was not for the fact people started joking about Corona 3 weeks after it hit the news, I may still be in the dark there is something going on.

One of the experiments I was interested in was to see what it was like to have an election coming up when you have genuinely not been following the media at all.  News, if any, comes to you organically through other people.

It always made we wonder what voters would base their vote on if they didn’t have an interest in Duncan Garner, Bary Soper, or any of the main-stream harpies that pass for political journalists.

After almost a decade of following the media and politics on a daily basis, the last five quite intensively so, it was a relief not to have to follow “the news”.  I had to do it every day -no weekends off- for a job.

The guy that cuts my hair jokingly told me he wouldn’t cut my hair unless I supported Marijuana reform in the upcoming election.  Once again, I was oblivious of this being an issue to be voted on.

Anyway.  It seems my absence for the last year hasn’t lessened my need to waffle on.

Life after the media-detox

But I did come to see how much dust had settled on the blog, and there seems to be a little spark trying to turn into a flame for me to return.

The real shock will be that the topics previously covered will probably no longer resurface.  Instead, I might just share the odd bit of inspiration that comes to me from God, the Bible, or any other source closely related.  If it does touch current events, it will be because it became relevant via Faith – in some way.

Where I used to blog we did have a Proverb of the Day.  I was in fact responsible for putting those up 365 days a year for years on end.  And I idly wondered if that was still a thing in that blog’s re-incarnation.  And it seems that the thin veneer of Christianity it had at the time has quite correctly disappeared as part of the reboot.  (If I’m wrong, it’s buried deep enough for me not to see it).


It’s given me a thought to start posting a Proverb of the Day not so much to be of value to people who may come across them, but more to give me a framework to select one and spend some time working on it for publication while at the same time meditating on its meaning to my life at that time.

Back to that old blog, the owner used to tell me he’d get regular emails from readers who felt inspired, helped, and even motivated by the Proverb of the Day.  When I asked why on earth we kept doing it, this was the reason I was told the blog would continue to publish them.

This blog has no readers, but through the magic of Search Engines and people searching for “Proverb of the Day”, if even one of them helps someone in the world, then not only will the exercise have been useful to me personally, but placing them on the Internet will have been worthwhile.