I’m backsliding…

It’s from a parody account, but that makes it all the more on point.

Thought experiment:  If abortion was invented by white males, why are 3rd wave radical feminists so keen on it?

A litany of attacks on Free Speech

Within 24 hours of publishing the video (below), Tommy Robinson was removed from Facebook and Instagram.

He has been expecting this, so he’s been promoting alternative ways to follow him.  One of them being tr.news.

TR.NEWS appears to be under a huge Denial of Service attack so nobody can get to it and sign up.

At the same time, Amazon has removed his book.

Previously, Paypal removed service disconnecting 70% of his income.

“The Establishment” is so very, very scared of this man.

They should be.

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Trump 2020 is a done deal

If Trump can manage to come up with a Healthcare idea that sounds good, but the Democrats block it (as they will), if Trump can further demonise the left, he’s guaranteed a second term.

The media will continue to lie right up to election night, pretending Trump trails and can’t possibly bridge the gap.

And then the results will come out and everyone will be “surprised”.


The Devil isn’t just aborting full term babies, it is also in the details

The US is debating eliminating legislation that protects abortion “providers” that “botch” an abortion causing the baby to be born alive anyway.

They are discussing criminalising if the provider can legally have a 2nd go, or let the baby die through neglect by withholding food and water sustenance and/or medical care.

The proposed amendment failed because Democrats want to continue the legal killing of babies that somehow miraculously were born alive in spite of attempts to kill him or her.  Staff can have a second go at it.   And it will remain legal.

Consideration of S.311 to amend title 18.  Nice way to avoid saying legalised murder of a fully born baby.

Who needs a despot when the whole state turns against something as fundamental as a right to life?

Today babies.

Tomorrow people who refuse “re-education”?

Too far?  Maybe.  But 20 years ago, the idea we would be taking live babies from women and then allow legal murder would have been considered Too far as well.

Who cares about the lives of tens of thousands of babies if it means the Democrats can deny Trump a win?

I do.

And I suspect a majority of American voters do too.


The war on heterosexual fathers is overt

There are too many people in positions of power, put there by hapless voters and consumers, that have a long-term plan to destroy whatever is white, male, and heterosexual.

You’ve seen the ads for two decades now, where white males are portrayed as idiot children.

Above, a PARENTING magazine that is consistently promoting the idea that parents, and by extension families, are normal in the absence of the biological father (or in the case of two men, the biological mother).

Give it another generation and the hapless voters and consumers will wake up and realise they have given perversion, immorality and the destruction of Western society such a head-start, to even regain parity will take generations, if not an actual war or two.

In this vacuum, Islam, a 7th-century ideology incompatible with Western values, let alone Hedonism, marches on assisted by media, authorities and politicians.

If you ever wondered how Rome could have “fallen”, how Great Britain lost its hold on the world through its vast Empire, then you are ignorant of the idea that Western civilisation was created on the foundations of blood sacrifice through world wars and built on Christian morality and families.

“Someone”, with the assistance of our media which are owned by “someone” have been consistently eroding the sacred thing that is family.  The father is replaced by the State.  Stalin would be needing fresh undies from perpetual excitement if he could see the sheer scale of it, and how people are openly inviting the downfall through the haze of Self being above everything else.

Don’t come crying to me in another generation.  I’ll be close to the end, and you have genuinely earned your fate through selfishness and willful ignorance.

(And my God, I know what I sound like.  Mad as a snake.  Off my rocker.  One of those irrational God-botherers who has lost the plot.  All I can do is do my best in my own community and pray that the need for a second flood can be avoided by people waking up to their own mistakes.  Pendulums and all that.  But somehow, I doubt it. The puzzle pieces in Revelations are clicking into place one-by-one.)

“Welcome to Hell, you ****ing morons!”

The destruction of the family continues.

Feminism’s end game was never to empower women. It was to degrade them. The fight for “equal pay” was a trick to make women want to leave the protection of the home and connection with their children. “Women’s choice” was to make them kill their own children. And now they will see the “equality” of having the state use their body as cannon fodder without their permission just like they do to men. Welcome to equality. Welcome to hell you ####ing morons. — Owen Benjamin

And in the meantime, the Muslim world is producing large families with 10+ children per family, and nobody wants to do the generational mathematics.

Our children’s children have been betrayed by a number of generations that found the Self to be more important than the Others.