Does Jesus have any tears left?

In a number of US states, it is now no longer a double homicide to kill a woman that’s about to give birth.  You kill the woman, and … something… that has no rights.

To “give” women in those states “control of their own body”, they are allowed to have babies of any age removed from them.

You do not want to know how this happens. Women who are pro-abortion who are made aware of the gruesome killing and dismemberment of the … something… are suddenly no longer sure women should have the right to kill a baby to be able to claim 100% dominion of her own body.

And if you want to know the dividing line:  a living, breathing, 100% sound, healthy baby is delivered. The umbilical cord is not yet severed.  The woman says “I don’t want it – “abort” this birth”.  The baby is then killed.

Neither the mother nor the medical staff involved can be charged with murder.

And it is still not enough to be able to do this… this… act.  Leglislators are now trying to pass new laws that will make abortion a basic Human Right.

That’s right, anyone is allowed to kill a baby, as long as the mother says it is OK.


If you like Jordan B Peterson, you will also like…

I was briefly beguiled by JBP because he stood up against forced speech via legislation, and he has a simple message for depressed people: ANYTHING you achieve today is a win – kick the guilt and try again tomorrow.

But then I observed him hedging his bets during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. Even when no evidence was presented and the whole witch hunt ended by the FBI stating there was nothing to corroborate the politics-motivated smear job, JBP never backed out of his position that “Dr” Blaisey-Ford was a likely victim.

That tainted his halo and I wanted to know what else he really thought, did, and preached.  Turns out, our good JBP isn’t the accidental and reluctant hero we understand him to be.  He’s been (mostly) failing in his attempts to raise his public profile, and with it, his power.

Until the Canadian government gifted him the “mandatory pronoun” issue via Bill C-16. And he’s not looked back since.

Jordan Peterson became aware of the book very recently and has labelled it, its author and all the people who “believe” it, reprehensible.

Some of the basic messages are of course, on the face of it, valuable and needed. But it turns out our good Doctor has a much more sinister plan for humanity.  A plan he doesn’t overtly share with us, but becomes clear once you look into his past, as well as his recent involvement with the UN and globalist interests.

And these plans are the antithesis of what he’s been preaching during his public appearances.

Sadly, having once been nearly a disciple of JBP, I slowly had to let go of him as a source of wisdom and guidance.  The surface-JBP is what a lot of people need to hear.  The unseen-JBP is what a lot of people need to fear.

Read this book.  For balance.   Once you know more about Jordan B Peterson, you may choose to change your view on him.  Or not.  But you owe yourself the other facts about JBP and not just the ones he’s been carefully crafting since taking the world by storm 18 months ago.

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Raped? White? Don’t bother to call for help here

The UK is rotting from within.

After all, white women have had so much (too much?) rape support historically, just like white men no longer getting community support, raped white women are expected to sort out their own problems.  Seeing they are privileged since birth.

That privilege certainly should have prevented white women from getting raped.  They probably deserved it then.  NO HELP FOR THEM.  /sarc


Irony: Indoctrinated whites apply reverse-racism when coloured people don’t even agree

The governor did blackface at college, decades ago.  Is your record without blemish from your late teens/twenties?

No.  Of course not.

WHITES support his resignation more than non-whites.

The mass hypnosis of whites is so complete that they’ll “support” what they THINK non-whites want them to do, even when it clearly doesn’t line up.

Our racism is SO COMPLETE that whites will even THINK FOR THEM and tell NON-WHITES what they should be upset about.


You have to admire the media and the left for their worldwide success in running a huge guilt-trip on the Western world.

It’s all about power folks.


Nothing else.

Trust me.  If it suited them to destroy coloured people, you couldn’t see the bus backing over them for the smoke and dust.

I expected this eventually, but not here, not so soon, and not by our own people operates on one rule: if political speech is legal in the United States, that speech is allowed on

Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Netflix, Patreon, Square, and Stripe disagree with this proposition, and believe not only that it is morally correct to dictate to Internet users what opinions we are and are not allowed to hold, but that it is morally correct to deplatform any company that disagrees with the California consensus, and actively suppress opinions, as well as the people who express them, where their users’ beliefs don’t accord with corporate interests.

As a result, Netflix now pulls comedy shows that offend Saudi monarchs, Twitter removes content of journalists and human rights activists in Pakistan, and Patreon kicks off conservatives and libertarians in the United States.

Human beings hold, and in America they have the freedom to express, a very wide range of incompatible opinions. At Gab we believe, as former President Obama put it, that “the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech.” The only thing censorship accomplishes is the elimination of reasoned argument and self-sorting into filter bubbles.

People everywhere are waking up to the significant danger of allowing banks and large technology companies to police their opinions and what they are and are not allowed to see.

Who would have thought the Internet is turning certain corners of itself into speakeasies in the western world? In China or Saudi Arabia, it’s expected. But in our corner of the freedom-loving world?

Bottom line is that our freedoms have been eroded over the last few decades. This is mostly related to Identity Politics.

This is the idea that if you are (not-white / not-male) you should have more rights because you have been unfairly born into a group of people that have disadvantages.

I used to joke that we needed a lesbian, black, disabled, female prime minister just tick all the boxes. Comedy often portends the future without intending to do so.

This too will pass, of course.  But I hope it will be implemented in a generation or two by people who feel they have been given a really unfair start in life.

What I fear is that it will change by a serious collapse in western culture. This may bring a void where non-western cultures will, perhaps forcefully, fill the gap.

Freedom is not free.

We’re heading for a lot of bloodshed.

Living in New Zealand, and at my age, by the time this manifests, I can probably just lock the fence, draw the blinds and live my remaining days mostly oblivious of what’s happening in the real world.

I hope my white male children find a solution that doesn’t require them to die to protect the lives of people who wish they didn’t really exist in the first place.


The inevitable result when you allow a drastically different culture to come live in your community is that once they have sufficient numbers, they will “democratically” decide to implement the kinds of lifestyle choices they prefer to adhere to.

So the question is:

Why do we allow immigrants to come to our country who, given sufficient numbers, will implement a society that is 100% incompatible with our own values?

This will result in a major setback for all women. That includes the daughters of Western families.

And the most amazing thing is that current-day feminists are too busy attacking western males while at the same time willfully ignoring the most severe erosion of women’s rights in centuries.



I’ve started to doubt evolution

Natural selection can exist alongside intelligent design. But you can throw out evolution and the system still works.  Especially when you realise you can’t find the connecting links/DNA where lichen, the starfish above, and humans have a common evolutionary ancestor.

The whole evolutionary tree is replete with unexplainable gaps where evolution simply assumes we’ll find the connections.  One day.

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Pick your future

On the left, the 10-year-old the media is celebrating as an icon of diversity and “real” love because he gets to be transgendered because even though he was born a boy, his own mother is supporting his(?) view that he’s actually a girl. And not just any kind of girl, but a girl that wants to dress like a transvestite.  At age 10.

On the right, a senior at a Catholic school who received death threats for doing nothing when being provoked. He smiled while wearing a Trump cap.  He received death threats, as did his family.  For wearing a MAGA cap and smiling.  This is because the media lied about what he was supposed to have done.

In one world we try and destroy respectful Christians and celebrate transgendered 10-year-olds, and in another world, we don’t.

I pick the world where we don’t.  Which means treating the media as hostile to your life. Because they are not promoting the kind of world I want to live in.