Rare sighting

Boletus sp.

The largest cap is about 10cm in diameter. Found by lake Rotokawau near Rotorua in native scrubby bush. Fruited late March 2019 after very little rain following a fairly long 2-month absence of all rain.

Only 14.6 mm of rain for the month, with a single 10 mm fall two weeks earlier

Weird architecture

The Rotorua Museum, currently closed for earthquake repairs, has some excessive embellishments on the roof. It’s amazing someone drew it, but not as amazing as someone then building it!

Lower down, the visuals change to something completely different:

I have no idea what’s inside. We moved here after the damage occurred.



Some photos

I take a lot of photos. Few make it to the blog. It appears that I enjoy the process of capturing more than the joy to be had from sharing it. But as I was showing a few to someone just now, I thought I’d pop them up here as well.

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