Bad ideas die a natural death

An agnostic turned Atheist finally finds truth in Jesus Christ.  Not because he chose to believe something he can’t understand, but because it was the only place logic led him.

I have had a similar journey.

Says Andrew

I was an Atheist and an agnostic of most of my life and was baptised at the age of 49. I’ve been down every wrong road it is possible to go down, and it is only… it is only logic that led me where I was … to where I finally ended up. It is only reason that did it. … I do believe; I really do have faith that at some point, bad ideas collapse.

I was jousting with an Atheist a few days ago who challenged me on my statement that I didn’t believe, but I actually know Christianity is the only correct final choice.  He said I could not know it.  I may believe it, but not know it.

I asked him if he studied the Gospels.  He had not.

A few weeks before my epiphany, I read somewhere “Have you spent at least as much time looking into Christianity as you have into everything else?”.

I hadn’t.  In fact, I had looked more into the possibilities of aliens existing, that humanity has previously lived on Mars, that the current civilisation is possibly the third “wave” after two previous resets, and so on.

When I looked into Christianity with the same interest and without the preconceptions that I had carried all my life, I found… unassailable logic.

You don’t have to believe to be a Christian.  You can know.

Banks start shutting down accounts of conservatives. I wish I was kidding

So they take away your connections to your customers via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, and if that doesn’t bring you to your knees, they will convince your bank to withdraw services to you.

Don’t say what they don’t want you to say, and you’re fine.

Totalitarianism via Big Tech and the banking system.

Where will this end?

If you vote for Trump, you can’t bank here?

If you vote for National, you can’t bank here?

USA land of the Free, home of the Brave? No longer so

I will always treat individuals with respect and will change what I say to the best of my ability to cater to their personal needs.  Where I draw the line is when the State compels me to use certain language or face civil or criminal repercussions for not complying.

The mere notion of being fined or jailed for refusing to follow state-ordered speech is abhorrent to me.

We are taking the first steps towards totalitarianism.  Gulags are at the other end of this path.  Gulags and slavery.


The Ontological Argument

To have meaning to life, the easiest explanation is to be in a universe that contains God.  In 1078, a Monk constructed the above argument.  It is dismissed by Atheists as a “charming trick”.

Yet it is unassailably sound.

A supreme being exists.  Even if you think it’s a charming idea, and you don’t want to accept it.